Security Lighting in Fort Worth, TX

security lights near me in fort worth txA well lit home or business is much safer than buildings without adequate outdoor lighting. Security lighting in Forth Worth, TX greatly decreases the odds of criminal activity and is typically brighter than the average porch light. Well placed security lights emphasize entrances, exits, and other potential points of entry. These lights can also aid in video quality of on-site security cameras.

Outdoor Security Lights

By lighting dark areas surrounding your home, like entryway paths and driveways, outdoor security lights in Fort Worth can also help prevent accidents and property damage.

Furthermore, security lighting doesn’t have to be unattractive for the home and its landscaping! Low-voltage, high-efficiency outdoor lighting provides a number of style options for you to choose from. The electricians at 24-7 Electrical Services are certified to install professional grade security lighting systems.

Troubleshooting Security Lighting:

  • The lights won’t turn off – Motion sensors trigger lighting to turn on when they detect movement and shut off after a pre-set amount of time in the absence of movement. It is common for power surges to cause the lighting to turn on and stay on.
  • Security lights don’t turn on at all – When lights will not turn on at all, one potential and common cause is lighting from another source striking the motion sensor. This is also a potential cause for lighting with dusk to dawn feature.
  • Flickering security lights – If the problem is occurring in only one light, check the bulb and try to tighten it. If the flickering continues, try replacing the bulb. However, if, multiple light bulbs are flickering in a single light fixture, or when multiple light fixtures are flickering, the issue is likely to be an electrical issue.

Fort Worth Security Light Experts

If you’re having issues with your security lights in Fort Worth, or are considering having some installed on your property, reach out to the experts at 24-7 Electrical Services!

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