Over Cabinet Lighting in Fort Worth, TX

over cabinet lighting in a fort worth tx kitchenOver cabinet lighting in Fort Worth, TX has become a very popular interior lighting option for many home and business owners. It’s ideal for illuminating the open space between cabinets and the ceiling, as well as emphasizing the surfaces of the cabinets, and objects on display.

Many different light colors provide the right feel for the space and light up displayed items, drawing interest to architectural features or retrofitting lights into nooks and crannies. Over cabinet lighting creates drama and enhances the appeal of your kitchen or office space.

Types of Over Cabinet Lights

Available over cabinet lights include:

  • Tape lighting
  • Strip lights
  • Micro-fluorescent lighting
  • Rope lights

Over Cabinet Lighting  in the Home

Over cabinet lighting is an increasingly popular feature of modern kitchens and bathrooms or anywhere cabinets, shelves or cupboards could be enhanced, and adds the element of a professional design. Furthermore, it can provide a professional  appearance for your office. Choose LED lighting for an energy saving bonus for your office.

Benefits of Over Cabinet Lighting

Also called indirect lighting, designers and homeowners alike are discovering a preference for the warm glow without the glare of overhead fixtures for relaxing meals, watching TV and other uses. In addition, over cabinet lighting chases the dark shadows away, providing a welcoming ambiance, and bringing to life an area often ignored. No cabinets or shelving in your den? No problem! You can add drama to the freestanding entertainment system, wall washing over a mantel or even atop display shelves of favorite items.

Over Cabinet Lighting Professionals

For accomplished help with your Fort Worth over cabinet lighting needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 24-7 Electrical Services. We’ll answer any questions you have, and take care of any lighting repair or installation quickly and efficiently.

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