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Lighting quality is an often overlooked aspect when building or remodeling a home, or selecting lighting for a business. There is no doubt that dimmer switches in Fort Worth are useful for creating mood lighting and reducing the glare of overhead lighting. However, did you know they also help you to save energy, extend the life of a light bulb, and promote relaxation and sleep?

Lighting control systems in Fort Worth, TX provide you with ability to control the level of light throughout your home, help cut electricity costs and add ambience to your living spaces. The lighting experts at 24-7 Electrical Services can equip your home or business with a lighting control system in Fort Worth, TX. Give us a call today!

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What Dimmer Switches Do

Dimmer switches adjust the voltage to a light fixture, increasing or decreasing light to the desired level. However, the switches can also save on the cost of energy by reducing the amount of electrical current supplied when the lights are dimmed. This provides the added benefit of extending the lifespan of your bulbs. In addition, those with energy efficient LED lighting can now also enjoy the benefits with LED compatible dimmers.

Lighting Control System Benefits

Lighting control systems in Fort Worth offer significant benefits, including:

  • Brightness control
  • Security
  • Automation
  • Color change to reflect temperature
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A lighting control system is a network of components installed by our Fort Worth electricians that enable communication between the systems for managing input and output of lighting. Examples of components may include light control switches, occupancy sensors, photocells, relays, and touchscreens. In addition, integration may include other devices and systems such as fire alarms, computers, smartphones, tablets, appliances and even HVAC systems.

Where to Install Dimmer Switches

Lighting is a tool for creating ambience and depth to a room, heightening its appeal and setting the mood. Dimmer switches assist in enhancing the atmosphere for movie night, a romantic dinner, a party or simply to promote a relaxing evening at home.

Dimmer switch installation in Fort Worth is perfect for a variety of areas in your home, including:

  • Home theater rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Hallways
  • Living rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Dining rooms
  • Dens

Fort Worth Dimmer Switch & Lighting Control Experts

If you’re having issues with the dimmer switch wiring in your home, or are looking to have a dimmer switch installed, contact 24-7 Electrical Services.  Our professional dimmer switch installation in Fort Worth can help you save on energy costs, extend the life of your bulbs and create that ambience you’ve been looking for!

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