Accent Lighting

Why You Should Have Accent Lights in Your Home

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Accent lighting in Fort Worth, TX is an essential component of interior design in both function and aesthetics. It establishes the mood in a space and can enhance the ambiance of your home or office. Whether you’re wanting to create a relaxing atmosphere, or magic for a home theater, a child’s room or the home bar, the lighting experts 24-7 Electrical Services can provide proper installation service and recommendations.

Benefits of Accent Lighting

Accent lighting highlights a visual point of interest, such as a prized painting, an architectural feature, a wall or any feature you want to showcase. Accent lighting adds dimension to space and can be used as a tool for creating the illusion of a larger space so you can feel more comfortable. In addition, selecting the right form of interior lighting can increase production in the office, reducing eye fatigue and the health effects that are a consequence.

Types of Accent Lighting

  • Wall lighting – Wall lights are ideal for showcasing art, bookcases, or architectural features, for example.
  • Recessed lighting – Recessed lighting is often used for wall washing, a technique for showcasing brickwork, a mural or to display other features.
  • Spotlighting – Spotlighting can be used as accent lighting indoors or outdoors, to provide a dramatic and glamorous effect.

Fort Worth Accent Lighting Experts

If you’re thinking of adding accent lighting to your Fort Worth-area home, or need your current accent lighting repairs or replaced, reach out to the lighting experts at 24-7 Electrical services. 

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