Surge Protection for Your Home

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Surge Protection for Your Home

A power surge happens anytime the voltage in your home goes above the standard 120 volts. Many homeowners don’t know this, but they cause millions of dollars in property damage each year. The best way to protect your Fort Worth home is with a whole-home surge suppressor.

What You Need to Know About Power Surges

Here are a few more things that most people don’t know about power surges.

  • About 80% of power surges start in the home.
  • Surges can happen when major appliances turn on or off, causing temporary power spikes\Surges can also be caused by faulty wiring, downed power lines, and utility company problems.

What is a Surge Suppressor?

Surge suppressors detect excessive voltage and redirect it to a grounding wire, which returns voltage to normal. While there’s no way to protect your home from a lightening strike, surge suppressors are your best option for maximal surge protection.

Choose a surge suppressor based on:

  • Its clamping voltage. This is the level at which it passes electricity into the ground. You can choose between devices rated at 330, 400, or 500 volts. In this case, lower voltage is better.
  • Its energy absorption and dissipation. This is the device’s capacity to absorb extra energy when it surges. You want a rating of more than 600 joules for satisfactory protection.
  • Its response time. You want this to be under 1 nanosecond for maximal home protection.

You may also want to use well-rated surge protectors when you plug in your devices, too, for full-spectrum, layered surge coverage.

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