Outdoor Lighting Tips

outdoor lighting tips in fort worth tx

Outdoor Lighting Tips

Lighting up your outdoor spaces can increase your security, enhance the enjoyment of your property, and help raise the value of your home. Here are some tips and things to think about regarding your outdoor lighting in Fort Worth, TX, or anywhere you happen to live.


You need the brightest lights on your entryways, doorways and other easy access points leading into your house or garage. While spotlights or pot-lights will be the best here, you can have bright lights while still maintaining low power usage and costs. If you have lights by your windows, especially bedroom windows, consider putting them on a timer or turning them off at night. While this isn’t the greatest for security purposes, you still need a good night’s sleep.

Entertainment Spaces

The lighting you have on your patio or deck, by your fire pit, at the BBQ, or in your outdoor dining area should be different than the lighting at your entryways. You don’t have to have glaring lights and bright spotlights where you hang out with friends and family; the lighting should be more subtle and gentle. Because of this, you won’t need to use as much energy to light up these locations. Focus on relaxing illumination for your entertaining and garden spaces. Solar lights can work well in these areas, as well as string lights or lanterns, which will reduce your costs significantly, while also creating ambiance. 

Outdoor LED Lighting

You don’t need to get halogen bulbs that burn through energy and ramp up your power bill to light your up property. There are numerous options of LED bulbs for outdoor lighting that can stay on throughout the night and use 90% less energy than traditional or older lights. Many LED lights are also maintenance free, so you won’t have to spend time and money replacing any bulbs.

Outdoor Certified

When hanging lights outside or when buying new bulbs for your outdoor fixtures, make sure you pay attention to whether they are certified for outdoor use. Exterior lights take a lot more of a beating than interior ones what with rain, wind, dirt, and bugs. Ensuring that your outdoor lights and cords are designed for outdoor use will save ensure everyone’s safety, and save you some headaches and money in the future.

Hanging Lights

If you are hanging lights or attaching strings of light to your home or to other structures outside of your house, consider the methods you use to do so. For one, stay away from nails or staples which can penetrate wires and cause damage to your cords or lights which can result in shorts and other dangers. Using clips or installing hooks is a great way to save your string lights. Hooks can also help speed up the installation process if you want to change lights depending on the season or if you’re hosting an event that requires different lighting.

Fort Worth Outdoor Lighting Experts

If you have questions about outdoor lights in Fort Worth, TX, reach out to 24-7 Electrical Services! We can help you pick out the exterior lighting best suited for your home, can handle the installation of any outdoor lights, as well as any repairs you may need.

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