Light Switch Wiring & Rewiring

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Light Switch Wiring & Rewiring

Do you have a light switch that doesn’t work anymore? Maybe you have one that would be more convenient in another location? Maybe you simply need an additional light switch installed somewhere? No matter your light switch wiring needs, our skilled Fort Worth electricians can take care of it for you. Our light switch wiring and rewiring pros will get your lights operating in a way that works for you and your everyday life. 

Call 24-7 Electrical Services today to have an indoor lighting expert come take a look at your light switches in Fort Worth or the surrounding area and let you know what plan is best to make them work the way you need them to. Many light switch wiring problems are straightforward for an experienced electrician, so there’s a good chance that you will be up and running again before you know it!

Common Light Switch Wiring Problems

If you have a broken light switch or a light switch wiring problem, it can likely be traced to one of the sources listed below. We’ll troubleshoot the issue and let you know exactly what has gone wrong with your light switch.

  • Your fuse is burnt out or your circuit breaker has tripped. When your light switch doesn’t work, check your fuses or circuit breakers first. If one of these has burnt out or tripped, then the lights won’t turn on even if you replace the entire switch. You can usually check this yourself, before you even call us out.
  • Loose wires. If your light switch doesn’t seem to work consistently, or if the lights flicker but don’t turn on all the way, you may have loose wires underneath the faceplate. This issue is best resolved by a professional electrician, as you should never deal with live wires yourself.
  • Broken switch mechanism. If you flip the light back and forth and nothing happens at all, there’s a good chance that the switch mechanism is broken. This is a fairly common issue, as switch mechanisms wear out over time. Unless you have experience replacing broken switches, we recommend getting an electrician to do it, as you could end up with loose wires or other problems.

Whether the issue with your light switch wiring is one of the ones mentioned above or it’s something else, the experts at 24-7 Electrical Services will find the problem and fix it as quickly as we can!

Light Switch Installation

Sometimes, your light switches are in the way. You may need to put a piece of furniture over the switch or maybe you want to hang a picture or a shelf where there’s already a light switch. Other times, switches are simply in inconvenient places. Some people even choose to relocate switches so their children can (or cannot) reach the by themselves. 

Whatever the reason for light switch installation, we can move the light switch wiring to where you want it, so it’s intuitively placed and easy to access. If you want to add a dimmer to a light, we can handle dimmer switch installation, too!

Light Switch Wiring & Rewiring Experts

No matter the reason for your light switch wiring or rewiring project, we’ll make sure that it gets done safely and that all work is up to code. In fact, at 24-7 Electrical services, we won’t leave until you’re completely satisfied with your new light switch!

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