How to Use Your Ceiling Fan to Stay Warm All Winter

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How to Use Your Ceiling Fan to Stay Warm All Winter

Most people use ceiling fans all summer long, only to turn them off in the winter because they figure that they don’t want to be any cooler than they already are. However, if you know how to heat your home with a ceiling fan, you can stay warmer than ever this winter.

Install Ceiling Fans in All the Right Places

Reap ceiling fan benefits by installing ceiling fans strategically. Putting them in all the rooms where you spend the most time means that you can use them to stay warm whenever you’re in those rooms.

Since hot air rises, you may also want to install them wherever you have vaulted ceilings. That way, your hot air will not just collect up high and stay there. Instead, it will get recirculated throughout your space.

Change Your Ceiling Fan Direction in Winter

In the winter, ceiling fans should spin clockwise. Most of them have a switch on the body of the fan. Just flip this and turn on the fan to make sure it’s turning the right direction.

When you switch your fan so it moves clockwise, you shouldn’t feel very much wind when you turn it on. This eliminates the “wind chill” from the fan experience, so you don’t end up colder than you want to be. Instead, it spins the air up toward the ceiling, where it can absorb any heat that has risen. Then, it pushes the heated air outward and keeps it moving until it circulates down to the floor level.

If you use your fan consistently, you may notice that you can turn your heat down and still feel warm in your house. Since fans cost less to run than your heater does, you should save money and still feel comfortable.

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