How to Save Energy This Fall

How to Save Energy This Fall

how to save energy this fall

Everyone wants to save energy, especially when it’s cold outside and you know you’ll be running your heater a lot. Here are a few ways that our customers save money on energy costs every year. If you have any questions, give us a call and we’ll help you save even more!

Seal Any Leaks

Heat can escape through even the smallest crack. In fact, you may lose up to 20% of your heat this way. Use caulk or tape to seal around windows, doors, electrical outlets, and anywhere else where there’s a crack. If you can see daylight or you feel a draft seal it up.

Add Insulation

Additional insulation can also help keep your warm air inside, where it belongs! Foam weather stripping is cheap and is an easy way to insulate your doors and windows. You can also buy insulation in rolls or batts and use it to insulate your garage, attic, crawl space, and more.

Get a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat allows you to heat your home more efficiently, all winter long. Set it to lower the temperature at home while you’re gone, then raise it again before you get home. You’ll be comfortable while you’re there and you won’t have to pay for heat you aren’t using.

Don’t Block Your Vents

If you block more than 10% of your vents, your heating system may have to do extra work to heat your home. Don’t close the vents intentionally and make sure that curtains and furniture are kept away from them, too. Check your air intake vents, too, just to make sure they are accessible.

Maintain Your Home

Get an expert to look at your water heater, your heating unit, your electrical system, and more. A professional can make sure that these are all functioning well and that you aren’t paying too much to use your home’s systems normally.

Fort Worth Electricity Experts

Reach out to us at 24-7 Electrical Services with any questions or if you want to have your electrical system inspected. We’ll come take a look and run our tests soon, so you can be sure that your home is working as efficiently as possible this winter.

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