How Does Whole Home Surge Protection Work?

Whole home surge protection means more than a single surge protector strip! Learn more with 24-7 Electrical Service!

How Does Whole Home Surge Protection Work?

Protect your home from surge threats with whole home surge protection from 24-7 Electrical Services!

If you’ve owned a home long enough, then you’ve probably experienced an electrical surge before. These disruptions can seem minuscule, however, they could destroy our appliances and other devices even though there’s a simple preventative solution. Whole home surge protection is an affordable way to protect all of your appliances.

What Causes Electrical Surges?

Typically, these bursts of electricity are believed to be caused by external anomalies like nearby lightning strikes. Contrary to popular belief, most surges happen because of our daily activities and a lack of protection. Our use of everyday appliances causes roughly 80 percent of surges. Anything from air conditioning units to washing machines can create small bursts that, over time, degrade our devices.

What Is Whole Home Surge Protection?

Whole home surge protection means more than just a power strip! Learn more with 24-7 Electrical Services!Surge protectors are nothing new: many of us already own protected devices like multi-outlet strips that include systems for preventing excess electricity from passing through. As useful and convenient as these devices are, however, they are limited to the individual appliance. They do not protect system-wide across your entire home, leaving many open vulnerabilities.

The key difference between standard surge suppressor technology and whole home protection is its installation method and coverage.

These suppressors are installed at the macro-level, outside of your home and typically alongside your electrical box. They are wired into the overall electrical system and can range in price from anywhere between $200 and $500.
A short-term investment today will save you much more time and money in the long term.

Benefits of Whole Home Surge Protection

Some everyday appliances can be preserved and salvaged thanks to installing of surge defense. The most common examples include air conditioning units, washing machines, dish-washing machines, and light bulbs. An appliance as bulky and expensive as an air conditioner could benefit significantly from a surge suppressor. In the event of a sudden lightning strike, an overly-powered burst of electricity through your a/c unit could end up costing you hundreds of dollars in repairs due to a lack of protection.

This is true across the board and persists even without the inclusion of specific protections. These can range from the typical local surge suppressor devices to something more macro. Either way, you will find that a sudden electrical burst will create more problems than solutions in the long-term.

Appliances are vulnerable to having their lifespans degraded. There can be sudden, large-capacity bursts of electricity that instantly destroy a device. However, there are also instances where weaker pulses of excess energy cause damage over a longer period.
In both cases, the degradation is still just as harmful and will cost you significantly. Other devices that can be affected include cell phones, tablets, gaming consoles, computers, fridges, and televisions.
In most cases, when an electrical surge makes its way into your home’s appliances, it can pose not only financial risks but also health risks. An overpowered air conditioning unit can cause something as extreme as a fire. This is serious business, keep your family safe today with whole home surge protection, which has benefits across the board for your home.

The Convenience of Whole Home Surge Protection

As a key feature, one of the primary benefits is the installation. Although a professional electrician is ultimately required to install the device, its design is simplified.
Installing outside as the point of entry for all electronic devices—the electrical box—creates a macro-level system that provides enhanced protection. Merely installing surge protection for your PC or fridge will ultimately leave numerous other devices vulnerable.
The surge suppressor technology provided by a system installed at the point of entry for all electricity in your home cannot be understated. It considers the entire picture of electrical input into your house and helps to enhance these factors.

Multiple Point Safety Concerns

Despite the benefits of being installed as the electrical box / point-of-entry, such protection should still be layered. This process of “layering” refers merely to creating protections at multiple points.
Although having a foundational safeguard at the point of entry at the electrical box is critical, it can still be helpful to install these at the overall nexus where your devices are plugged in. In such instances, you’ll end up creating a much more “layered” system of protection, which greatly enhances security.
In many regards, it is not a requirement, but as a matter of general safety, it could be beneficial. Furthermore, most of us already have some indoor surge suppressor in our homes which can be used to help ensure an additional layer of protection.

Installing Electrical Protection

You should hire a certified professional to install your surge protector. Dealing with your house’s overall electrical system can be dangerous to both functionality and even your health.
Working with experts who have the necessary level of experience and track record is essential.
24-7 Electrical Services is a trusted professional in solving your electrical challenges!

Surge suppressor technology is significant and has many benefits. From both your safety to financial savings, whole home surge protection can dramatically improve your home.
Numerous devices can gain protection and even have their lifespans extended. Establishing the right electrical security can be the difference between a sustainable home and one that is continuously faulting itself. Appliances ranging from fridges to televisions and beyond can be kept safe with the right protections in place.

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