Do I Need Special Electrical Wiring for Recessed Lighting Installation?

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Do I Need Special Electrical Wiring for Recessed Lighting Installation?

Recessed lighting installation adds ambiance and style to your home!If you are thinking of installing recessed lighting, these lights can still work with your current electrical wiring, but usually it will all depend on the circuit. When doing recessed lighting installation, you should check to see many lights can be on one circuit. This will depend on the strength of the circuit breaker. For instance, when you have a 30-amp circuit breaker with each fixture housing a 60-watt bulb, the circuit can hold up to 60 bulbs if they each draw ½ amps.

What is involved in recessed lighting installation?

The Wiring Process

This will depend on the size of the room and the number of can lights installed. It’s important to consider whether this will be the primary source of lighting for the space; if so ensure the lights are enough without crowding the room. If a room is about 10 ft wide, make sure to leave a space of 5 ft between the fixtures and only have two rows installed.

The Housing

This is what will hold the fixtures and the bulb. During the installation process, holes have to be drilled on the ceiling for the fixtures to fit in. To ensure minimal damage to the ceiling and other important fixtures, like air conditioning ducts, it’s essential to work with a qualified electrician. If recessed lights are not properly installed around pre-existing hardware in the home, the installation can cause damage.

What are the risks of DIY recessed lighting installation?

Wrong Wiring

Only a professional may understand how to carry out the wiring in the recessed lighting installation. Faulty wiring means the bulbs will not function as they should. Also, it may interfere with the central electrical system or other fittings.

Wrong Housing

This kind of installation requires a professional to handle the housing fixture. This ensures that flammable materials do not get too close to the bulbs, which can create fire hazards.

A primary consideration during installation is the housing size. Housing size will depend on the opening of the fixture where the bulb will be installed. You may want first to consider the type of bulbs you want to use before the housing is installed.

Another consideration for the housing installation is whether air can escape from the fixture to the ceiling or attic. If there is space remaining around the light fixtures for air to pass through it can create additional demand on your air conditioner.

Using Sub Standard Products

Only a professional will know which products will provide the proper quality specifications for your specific install. Hiring a professional will lower the risks involved with using faulty products and ensure the installation serves you efficiently for a long time.

Over Loading the Circuit

The circuit breaker can only handle the designated number of lamps. When exceeded, the entire system shuts off. A professional understands the number of bulbs to load on a particular circuit and how to ensure the whole system works efficiently. Overloading may also lead to fires, short-circuiting and damage to the wiring system.

Bodily Harm

It is well understood that handling electric wiring can lead to accidents that can be fatal. To avoid such accidents when working on a recessed lighting installation, leave the task to the experts.

Hiring a professional for your recessed lighting installation

24-7 Electrical Services offers recessed lighting installation in Richland Hills!A professional will not only work on the setup but will ensure your needs are met and quality products used. It is not just about completing the job but producing satisfactory results. A professional will also ensure minimal damage to ceilings and roofs as well as interference with other installations.

A professional will also ensure all the required legal standards and regulations are met.

It is important to know why you should hire an electrician for all of your electrical needs. They are not only certified but they have the proper tools and resources to ensure safety. Call 24-7 Electrical Services, your local Richland Hills electrician, today!

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