Common Home Electrical Problems & How to Fix Them

home electrical problems

Common Home Electrical Problems & How to Fix Them

Home electrical problems can run the gamut from “annoying” to “scary”. No matter where your electrical issue falls, though, it’s a good idea to stay familiar with your home and how it works so you know if you can troubleshoot something yourself or if you need to bring in a professional electrician.

Power Surges

When your home’s voltage spikes, even for an instant, you’ve experienced a power surge. These can be caused by everything from faulty wiring to nearby lightning strikes.

Fix It: Remove any cheap electronic devices from the system and see if the surges continue. If you keep experiencing the issue, it’s time to call in a professional electrician to help you out with surge protection.

Circuit Breaker Trips/Fuse Blows

If you are pulling too much power on the same circuit, you may trip the breaker or blow the fuse. This can happen because you’re using several high-wattage devices at once or because there’s a problem with your wiring.

Fix It: Limit power use on circuits that tend to trip breakers. If it keeps happening, bring in an electrician to solve the issue.

Broken Light Switches

You may find that certain switches stop working with age or that your dimmer switches are not effective at all.

Fix It: You’ll probably want to call in an electrician right away on this one. The switch may be broken or it may have been overridden by another switch somewhere.

Electrical Shocks

Shocks can be scary and they can range from mildly irritating to serious and even life-threatening. Most shocks happen when you are turning a device off or on.

Fix It: An electrician will be able to figure out why you’re getting shocked without exposing you or anyone else to any more danger.

High Electrical Bills

If your electrical bills are rising but your usage is staying the same, there’s a problem somewhere.

Fix It: Make sure your electrical company didn’t raise rates. They have to notify you but these notices can be easy to miss. If this hasn’t happened, an electrician can help you identify where you are leaking electricity and stop that leak.

Professional Help for Your Electrical Problems

If you need help with these problems or with any other electrical issues, contact us at 24-7 Electrical Services today. We’ll have an experienced electrician to your door ASAP to help you get the solutions you need in place fast.

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