Can Cold Weather Cause Electrical Problems?

Can Cold Weather Cause Electrical Problems?

Some electrical problems occur more frequently during the winter, when it’s cold outside. We saw this first-hand in Texas just this season! While the cold may or may not cause these problems directly, it’s important to know what can happen in the winter so you’re prepared if your electrical system starts to have problems.

Old Electrical Equipment

People tend to use some electrical equipment in the winter that they don’t utilize year round, like heated blankets or space heaters. Because these don’t get much use, they can last for a long time. Just because they turn on, though, doesn’t mean that they are working well. In fact, they could be drawing too much power or be fire hazards instead.

Overloaded Circuits

We plug in so many things in the winter, from space heaters to Christmas lights, and we tend to forget that our circuits may not be designed for such a large power draw. If lights flicker or breakers flip, it’s time to unplug something and move it to a different circuit.

Power Outages

When a storm comes through, the power can go out. Unless you have a whole-home generator, you won’t have heat, refrigeration, and more. This can wreak some major damage to your home. Stay safe by never attempting to work with broken electrical lines yourself.

Electrical Surges

If the power is going off and on a lot because of a storm, you may end up with a power surge. This can damage electronics, appliances, and more. Make sure that your most valuable items that use electricity are always connected to sockets via a surge protector or install a whole-house surge protector for your home.

Static Electricity

The air tends to be dry in the winter, which means that static electricity is more likely to build up during this season. Most of the time, this won’t cause more than a painful shock. However, in extreme situations, it can damage appliances, cause fires, and even harm people. Use a humidifier or install one that attaches to your HVAC system to prevent these problems.

Storm Damage

Storms can do more than just cause power outages. Electrical lines can be down, which can cause electrocution, fires, and more. If there’s a major storm in your area, contact your electrical company to find out the status of your power. Never, ever touch a downed power line or try to move anything that is touching it (like a fallen tree). Let the professionals handle it to keep everyone safe.

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