Emergency Electrical Services in Fort Worth

Electricians When You Need Them Most

Electrical emergencies can happen any time of day, which is why 24-7 Electrical Services offers around the clock emergency electrical services in the Dallas Fort Worth metro area!

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Help After Storms Cause Problems

emergency electrical services near me fort worth, txStorms can damage the electrical wiring inside and outside of the home often requiring an emergency electrical service call. Lightning from thunderstorms often cause surges that result in damage to appliances, electronics, and the overall electrical system, requiring immediate repair. Falling limbs and trees, freezing rain and ice can also bring down your outside service lines. Even when damage to power lines occurs miles away, powerful electrical surges can travel the lines and cause damage to your electrical system. Our electricians can efficiently identify the location of the issue and provide the emergency electrical services you require.

Whole House Surge Protection

Whole house surge protection will prevent damage to your electrical system, as well as sensitive electronics, appliances from power surges. You may already have surge protection strips in your home for televisions and computers, however, these strips provided limited protection and should not be considered a primary protection device.

Three types of surge protection include:

  • The Type 1 device is installed at the power meter and can discharge most of the high currents from a lightning strike.
  • The Type 2 device installs in the electrical service panel, and protects against residual lightning and surges originating inside the property.
  • Type 3 devices are the surge protection strips people are most familiar with. They provide limited protection for electronics and appliances. A strip is the third stage of the network and is the last line of defense against residual surges.

Only a licensed electrician is qualified to install type one and two surge protection devices!

Sump Pump Issues

When powerful storms cause power outages, your property can suffer additional consequences when emergency appliances fail. For example, your basement relies on a sump pump to prevent flooding, and the costly damage it can cause. The sump pump prevents basement flooding by pumping the accumulating water away from your home. 24-7 Electrical Services can provide the electrical hookup you need for a primary sump pump in your basement.

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