Fort Worth Electrical Home Safety Inspections

Ensuring Your Home’s Electrical System is not a Hazard

A 24-7 Service Electrician reviews an electrical home safety inspection with a Richland Hills customer.At 24-7 Electrical Services we pride ourselves in offering comprehensive residential electrical services that will keep your family and property safe. An important facet of this mission is providing electrical home safety inspections. Our home safety inspections check outlets, fixtures, appliances, and lights in your home to ensure safe and proper wiring.

Routine maintenance and proactive inspections like these can often prevent unexpected service or emergency calls, and will increase the lifespan of your wiring, lights, and appliances.

Benefits of an Electrical Home Safety Inspection:

  • Finding outdated wiring or outlets
  • Identifying oversized fuses that could spark a fire
  • Meeting insurance requirements
  • Ensuring wiring meets national safety codes
  • Finding and eliminating potential fire hazards
  • Discovering ways to save money on your electricity bill
  • Making sure your home’s electrical system is safe to use

Committed to Quality Service at a Fair Price

At 24-7 Electrical Services, we base all of our prices on the national average to help ensure that you pay a fair price for these important inspections. We will provide you with a detailed and thorough evaluation of your electrical system to ensure the safety of your family and property.

Contact us at (817) 864-8735 to set up your electric home safety inspection in Fort Worth!