Breakers & Fuses in Fort Worth

circuit breaker fort worth, txDepending on the age of your property, you are likely to either have fuse panels or circuit breakers installed to control the way your fixtures and appliances are wired throughout your home or place of business. Circuit breakers might be described as a type of modern fuse box and in many cases require less maintenance than an older style fuse box. However, just because a property you own or are interested in has a fuse box installed, as long as it has been properly maintained, there is a chance you will be able to continue using it without trouble.

Benefits of Circuit Breakers:

  • If tripped, very easy to reset
  • May be utilized with a GFCI-style breaker
  • Does not need to be replaced once tripped
  • Typically more modern and thus better suited for today’s advanced electrical needs

Benefits of Fuse Panels:

  • Extremely sensitive, often more so than a circuit breaker
  • Very inexpensive to operate
  • A great choice if rated for proper amperage

24-7 Electrical Services is always happy to inspect and test any fuse panels or circuit breakers on your property. Ensuring the safety of your property is our expertise. We pride ourselves on being a locally focused company that believes in serving the people of the Dallas and Fort Worth metropolitan area.

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