Ceiling Fan Installation in Fort Worth

ceiling fan installation fort worth, txA ceiling fan installation can help homeowners save money every season of the year. With the flick of a switch, air can be circulated to keep temperatures lower or help warm up a room, relieving stress from your heating and cooling unit, not to mention your wallet.

Ceiling fans are typically heavy and require proper anchoring to the rafters to ensure their security. Additionally, fans cannot be installed into an existing light fixture box. These boxes are not designed to hold the weight of a ceiling fan fixture. An incorrect and unanchored installation can create serious safety hazards.

A professional installation ensures proper wiring, security, and function of your new ceiling fan.

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There are many factors to consider when looking at the size of fans, such as:

Selecting the Right Size

  • Fans vary in size, from 24 to 84 inches wide
  • There has to be at least 18 inches from the blades to other objects
  • Larger fans moving slow can move more air than small fans moving fast

A 24-7 Electrical Services technician is finishing a ceiling fan installation in Richland Hills.

Selecting the Right Fan

Rooms with eight-foot ceilings or higher are ideal for a ceiling fan. Installing a fan at a lower ceiling height may present a safety risk, and will require a flush mount ceiling fan. Furthermore, you will need to ensure the selection of a light kit that will not strike tall persons. The ceiling fan can be mounted in the center of a square room, while large rectangular rooms may require two fans evenly spaced. The minimum distance between the fan blades and the ceiling is 8-10 inches. Setting the fan lower where the ceiling height is adequate will create a higher airflow.

Our licensed electricians in DFW metro area will ensure the proper location and wiring of a ceiling fan for your home or office.

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