Fort Worth Attic Fan Installation & Repair

 attic fan installation fort worth, txYou might be surprised to learn that during the heat of the summer, depending on where you live, the temperature of your attic could reach as high as 150 degrees! All that trapped heat in the attic can make a huge difference when it comes to the temperature inside your home. An attic fan installation can have many benefits for a home in a region like Texas, where the air is humid. An attic fan makes it much easier for the trapped heat and humidity of the summer day to escape from the interior of the house. This alleviates a large workload from the air conditioner, allowing it to more efficiently cool the home.

An Attic Fan Might Be Right For You Because:

  • Upstairs living spaces can be as much as 10 degrees cooler after installation
  • Because your roof will be much cooler, your shingles will age much more slowly
  • With the thermostat set correctly inside the home, your attic will stay much dryer during the season
  • This installation can help save more than 30% of the energy expenditure needed to cool your home

Helping You Stay Comfortable

An attic fan is a very standard installation, maintenance or repair service call that 24/7 Electrical Services makes all over the Dallas and Fort Worth area.  Our technicians are certified to install all makes and models of fans from all manufacturers, both residential and commercial.

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