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Many homeowners don’t realize that they need surge protection in Fort Worth, TX until it’s too late. Once a power surge has gone through your home, it can destroy expensive appliances beyond repair.

Don’t risk having this happen in your home! Call the electrical installation experts at 24-7 Electrical Services today for complete home surge protection. An expert from our surge protection services team will be out to your home soon. We’ll run some tests, then let you know if surge suppressors or other surge protection options might be right for you.

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What is a Power Surge?

lightning causes power surge in fort worth txAnytime the voltage running through your home is greater than the standard 120 volts, you have experienced a power surge. These can happen because of random fluctuations in power, lightning strikes, or other electrical problems in your home. They often cannot be predicted and come up swiftly and suddenly, making it important to protect against them before you know you have a problem.

Do I Need Surge Protection?

While only a qualified electrician can tell you for sure if you need surge protection, there are a few things that make it more likely to be something you should invest in. These include:

  • Having an older home. If your home was built in the 1970s or earlier, you stand a greater chance of experiencing a devastating power surge.

  • Performing electrical upgrades. The circuits installed in your home were designed to bear a certain load. If you have new appliances or have put a greater electrical load on the existing circuits, they may be more likely to suffer a power surge.

  • Your home has been struck by lightning in the past. Lightning is only one cause of power surges but those surges can be destructive. If your home is in particular danger of being struck, you may want complete home surge protection for peace of mind.

  • Your utility company suffers frequent problems. Everything from downed power lines to problems in the plant can cause surges. You may decide to protect your home just in case.

How Do I Protect My Home from Surges?

We recommend having one of our surge suppressors installed in your home. These work by redirecting any excessive current to the grounding wires in your home. They do this until the incoming voltage for your home returns to normal levels.

While surge suppressors don’t always protect your home from lightning strikes, they can protect it against the 80% of surges that start in other ways and they do offer some protection against lightning, too.

Only a licensed electrician is qualified to install type one and two surge protection devices!

Three types of surge protection include:

  • The Type 1 device is installed at the power meter and can discharge most of the high currents from a lightning strike.
  • The Type 2 device installs in the electrical service panel, and protects against residual lightning and surges originating inside the property.
  • Type 3 devices are the surge protection strips people are most familiar with. They provide limited protection for electronics and appliances. A strip is the third stage of the network and is the last line of defense against residual surges.

Fort Worth Surge Protection Experts

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