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Do you have GFCI outlets in your home but you’re not sure what they are or how to use them? One way to think about an electrical outlet is to imagine it as a two-way road. Energy flows in one side and out the other. Shocks occur when that circuit gets completed by – you guessed it! – YOU!

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) protect you against this shock risk. These are used on outlets, extension cords, modular plugs, and even on electrical panels.  

An optimized electrical system means efficiency and convenience for our clients. A common way to enhance convenience in the home is electrical outlet repair or electrical outlet installation. With so many of the devices we use everyday needing access to an outlet, this is a common update or electrical repair. Contact our electrical installation pros today for consultation about electrical outlets in Fort Worth, TX!

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How Does a GFCI Work?

The left slot of an outlet is neutral. The right side is hot and the hole at the bottom grounds the whole thing. When appliances work as they are supposed to, the electricity flows from hot (the right side) to neutral (the left side). In an outlet with a GFCI, power is cut off when this electrical flow becomes unbalanced.

Other outlets may be “downstream” in the flow of electricity from your GFCI. When it trips, power to these will also be cut off.  When this happens, you typically need to hit “Reset” on your GFCI to restore power.

GFCI outlets are most often located in places where water may interrupt the flow of electricity, including:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Laundry rooms
  • Utility rooms
  • Garages

You’ll be able to find them because they include “Test” and “Reset” buttons on the outlet itself. These may be color-coded – red for “Reset” and black for “Test”.

It’s a good idea to test your GFCI outlets every few months or so. Push the “Test” button and see if the power turns off. If it doesn’t, call us at 24-7 Electrical Services to have it replaced. If any of your outlets randomly cut power off with any frequency, make unusual sounds, or smells odd, call us right away!

Our GFCI Outlet Wiring Guarantees:

  • Ensuring you have proper GFCI outlets in applicable areas in your house
  • Properly installing child-proof outlets
  • Checking your GFCI outlet for proper function
  • Providing proper services to prevent burns, shocks, and other possible hazards

GFCI Electrical Outlet Installation

In addition to repairing outlets, our team of experienced electricians also provide electrical outlet installation in Fort Worth and the surrounding area. Whether you need an outlet relocated, or simply need some additional ones, our electrical outlet wiring experts would be happy to install electrical outlets in your Fort Worth home or business!

USB Outlets

usb outlet

Do you feel like you’re forever searching for power adapters or stumbling over extension cords and power strips? Eliminate these completely when you install USB wall outlets throughout your home.

These handy outlets include space for two standard plugs, like any other outlet. However, they also include two places where you can plug USB cords straight into your wall. Charge your devices without cumbersome accessories to streamline both your user experience and the look of your home.

Choose between USB-A and USB-C outlets, or install a combination of the two. Consider the devices you have, the ways they charge, and where you tend to use them, then let your electrician know what you need.

USB Outlet Installation

Our electricians can replace your current outlets with USB electrical outlets wherever they will be handy for you. Put them in your kitchen, near your bed, by the couch where you watch television, and more. Think about where you currently use power strips and ask yourself if USB outlets might help reduce the number of cords or otherwise make charging easier.

If you’re not sure where to put a USB wall outlet but you like the idea, reach out to us today. Our electricians can help you decide where to locate them so you can streamline your home and make your life that much easier. Call today and we’ll have someone at your door soon to update your home and make it simpler than ever to use your electronic devices.

USB & GFCI Outlet Experts in Fort Worth

All of our technicians continue their education in the industry and attend annual training so they are aware and trained in handling any new developments in technology or practices. You can feel confident when you choose us for USB or GFCI outlet wiring help, be it repair or installation, in Fort Worth, TX!

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