Will A Ceiling Fan Installation Reduce My Power Bill?

Ceiling fan installation will save you money this summer!

Will A Ceiling Fan Installation Reduce My Power Bill?

Ceiling fan installations reduce your power bill, schedule your installation appoint with your Richland Hills electrician today!As summer rolls in, so do the hot temperatures. Although most of us spent the winter months missing warmer weather, we will soon be in the midst of the summer heat. How are you going to be energy efficient in keeping your home and your family cool this summer? While the AC is the obvious option, air conditioning on its own can get expensive in the heat of the summer. In this article, we are going to take an in-depth look at how a ceiling fan installation can impact your power bill and help your home be more energy efficient this summer.

Reducing Power Usage

Can a ceiling fan installation really reduce the power usage in your home? Absolutely. The money saved in electrical bills over the year quickly pays for the fan purchase and installation. Using ceiling fans throughout your home helps moderate the temperature within each room. Circulating the cool air that’s already been produced by the air conditioner means moderate temperatures for longer periods of time, which reduces the number of hours your air conditioner is running. Use of fans can make a room feel up to 6 degrees cooler than it actually is, which means the thermostat can be set higher.

How Do Ceiling Fans Circulate Air Within a Room?A 24-7 Electrical Services technician finishes a ceiling fan installation in Richland Hills.

The blades of a ceiling fan are angled and curved to create airflow when rotated. Changing the direction of blade rotation can actually impact power bills all year-round. This change in direction changes the direction of airflow, either upwards or downwards. Fans run counterclockwise in the summer, keeping cooler air pushed towards the bottom of the room; fans run clockwise in the winter and redistribute the warm are that’s risen to the top of the room back towards the ground. Its a good idea to check the direction of fan rotation to make sure that you aren’t actually making your house warmer this summer!

Energy Efficient Fans

Many modern appliances have been designed to be energy efficient and the ceiling fan is one of them. According to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy-Star website:
•   Energy-Star rated ceiling fans move air up to 20% more efficiently than conventional fan models due to advanced design of fan blades and motors.
•   Models come with light fixtures that are 50% more efficient than conventional fixtures and produce 75% less heat.
•   Overall, these fans are 50% more efficient than conventional models.

Professional Installation

A 24-7 Electrical Services technician is finishing a ceiling fan installation in Richland Hills.

Having a electrical professional install your ceiling fan is a good idea for several reasons. Electricity is a strong and potentially dangerous amenity, especially for anyone without proper training. A professional can ensure a safe electrical installation in your home. Ceiling fans also need to be properly braced in the ceiling to prevent damage to the rooms of your home. And a professional service like 24-7 Electrical Services guarantees their work, so if you encounter any issues with your installation, all issues will be corrected! For more information or to schedule your installation, call us (817) 697-2033 or contact us here!

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