Electrical Additions in Bedford

Knowledgeable & Honest Electrical Technicians

Whether you are planning to renovate, install a home theater or upgrading the electrical system in your home or business. We service the greater Dallas and Fort Worth metropolitan area. Our licensed electricians ensure a professional installation adhering to or exceeding the industry standards. Furthermore, we offer a broad range of residential and commercial electrical services. When your electrical additions are a major project, our experienced electricians in DFW will work with your contractor to ensure the electrical system meets the exact specifications and is up to code.

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Common Types of Electrical Additions

Our electricians at 24-7 Electrical Services can help you with:

  • Kitchen electrical additions – We can install dishwashers, outlets, garbage disposals, communication panels, or any other major service for your residential or commercial kitchen.
  • Bathroom electrical additions – Our technicians can make sure that your home or business’ bathroom addition is properly grounded and safe for anyone to use.
  • Room electrical additions – It’s our job to make sure that you receive proper lighting, outlet, smoke, and carbon monoxide installations in any new room that you are adding.

Electrical Additions in DFW

When you require assistance in the planning of electrical additions in the DFW area, our professional electricians can assist you and get started on your electrical additions project. Our electricians professionally install new wiring, electrical panels, outlets, switches, and lighting to name some of our services. You can rely on the quality of our services and supplied products while improving the function, safety, convenience and aesthetic appeal to your home or office. 24-7 Electrical Services has licensed electricians to offer extensive experience with electrical systems in both homes and businesses.

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