Electric Panel Repair in Bedford

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The average American home consumes approximately 24% more electricity than home’s in 1978. This is primarily due to the increased number of appliances and electronics in the average home. The requirement for more electricity may mean your home, and especially if it predates the 1990s, may be experiencing overloaded electrical circuits. This can lead to malfunctions, damage and even fire. If you suspect your electrical panel or the electrical system is outdated, reach out to 24-7 Electrical Services. If our electricians determine there is a problem, they can provide either an electric panel repair or the electrical panel upgrade that is required.

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Helpful Repair Services

Any of the following signs indicate the need for an electrician:

  • An electrical panel that provides less than 200 amps
  • An electrical panel containing screw-in fuses
  • Fuses that routinely blow
  • When a breaker trips during the use of multiple small or large appliances simultaneously
  • Frequently flickering of lights
  • When you require the continuous use of multiple extension cords due to insufficient outlets

The Dangers of a Faulty Panel

A damaged, or overloaded electrical panel is a fire hazard, and may provide inadequate protection against the dangerously high amounts of electricity delivered to the home. The risks associated with an outdated electrical panel are resolved with an electrical panel upgrade. Each electrical circuit is protected by a circuit breaker. However, in older homes, screw in fuses may be present rather than breakers. When a circuit is overloaded, or an appliance shorts out, for example, the breakers are designed to turn off, cutting off the electrical current to the affected circuit. This prevents overheating, fire and potential shock.

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