Bedford Dedicated Electrical Circuits

Avoid Overloading Your Electrical System

Do you frequently trip a breaker or have to reset a fuse when you use your blender or if you plug your laptop into a certain outlet? If so, your appliances might not be properly wired. Dedicated circuits are an essential element of residential and commercial electrical wiring as defined by the National Electrical Code. Appliances such as stoves, dishwashers, space heaters and refrigerators should be running on their own dedicated circuits so as to prevent the chance that your electrical system is unnecessarily overloaded

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Having a dedicated electrical circuit means you are having a circuit that is designed for a specific purpose and that it has a specified breaker in the electrical box. This circuit is meant to facilitate just one appliance. This can allow for larger appliances that require more energy to get what they need without putting too much of a strain on your system.

Helping An Appliance in Your Home

A dedicated circuit is designated for use with a specific purpose in mind and has its own circuit breaker in the electrical box on your property. It is essential that only one appliance be wired to this circuit. Dedicated circuits are an element of modern electrical engineering which helps to ensure your property is running safely and efficiently.

What Requires Dedicated Circuits?

In general, a 20 amp dedicated circuit will be an appropriate choice for medium sized appliances such as:

  • Blenders
  • Espresso makers
  • Toasters

A 30-50 amp dedicated circuit will be a better choice for larger appliances such as your refrigerator or washing machine. If you are unsure about what kind of amp you need for your circuit, have an electrician from 24-7 Electrical Services take a look.

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